How To Stop Google Sheets From Changing To Military Time

How To Stop Google Sheets From Changing To Military Time – In Google Sheets, the military time setting is the default time setting. But if you prefer the standard AM/PM format, how do you prevent Sheets from changing it to military time?

There are a few ways you can deal with it. You can go with function or the custom formatting option. In this article, we will show you how to apply both methods. And we’ll also tell you more about the custom formatting of numbers in Google Sheets.

How To Stop Google Sheets From Changing To Military Time

If you have military time format in your spreadsheet, how do you convert it to standard time? Let’s use an example – if you have the time 21:55:33 in cell A1 and want to convert it to the 12-hour format, here’s what you do:

How To Calculate Time In Google Sheets

But the problem with this formula is that it only works if you use it in another cell. When you need to convert military time to standard time in the same cell, you need to use formatting tools. So, how does that work exactly? Follow these steps to find out:

But here’s something you should know – default time and date settings in Google Sheets are based on your location.

But you can change the time zone, locale and even functional language. To do so, follow these steps:

If you use Google Sheets to enter international time and date settings, you may need to use different types of currencies.

How To Use Find And Replace In Google Docs

You can customize formatting currencies in Google Sheets by following a similar path of formatting time and date settings. Here’s what you do:

Changing currency format in Google Sheets also includes changing some currency properties. You can choose how many decimals to display. All you need to do is check the drop down menu and select the option you want.

You can also choose a custom number format in Google Sheets. If you have trouble stopping Google Sheets from erasing leading zeros in the numbers you enter, you can fix that problem by selecting a specific number of digits for each cell.

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You can also use the “Numbers” option to convert numbers into text and perform certain functions that would not otherwise be possible.

How To Remove Table Borders In Google Docs

Google Sheets is a great tool with many purposes. But it also comes with certain default settings that aren’t always what you need. Just like military time format – it can often seem a bit too formal, and not everyone immediately recognizes it as a time reference.

The 12-hour standard format is a much more convenient way to display time, even in Google Sheets. So, now you know how to make sure you have the proper formatting settings when working on your spreadsheet.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this website may include affiliate links. This does not affect our editorial team in any way. Learn formulas and formula-free ways to trim whitespace, remove special symbols (even the first/last N characters) and the same text strings before/after certain characters from multiple cells at once.

Deleting the same part of the text from several cells at the same time can be as important and difficult as adding it. Even if you know some of the ways, you will definitely find new ones in today’s blog post. I share a lot of functions and their ready-made formulas and, as always, I save the easiest ones — without formulas — for last 😉

How To Make A Google Sheets Gantt Chart: Template

I’ll start with the standard functions for Google Sheets, which will remove your text strings and characters from cells. There is no universal function for this, so I will provide different formulas and their combinations for various cases.

Whitespace can easily slip into cells after the import or if multiple users edit the sheet at the same time. In fact, extra spaces are so common that Google Sheets has a special Trim tool to remove all white spaces.

Just select all the Google Sheets cells where you want to remove whitespace and choose Data > Cut Whitespace from the spreadsheet menu:

As you click the option, all leading and trailing spaces in the selection will be completely removed while all extra spaces between the data will be reduced to one:

Easy Collaboration: 35 Must Know Tips For Google Docs, Sheets, And Slides

Alas, Google Sheets does not offer a tool to “clip” other characters but spaces. You have to deal with formulas here.

Tip Or use our tool instead — Power Tools will free up your range of any characters you specify with a click, including whitespace.

Here I dealt with hashtags in front of the apartment numbers and phone numbers with dashes and brackets in between:

The SUBSTITUTE function will help me with this. It’s usually used to replace one character with another, but you can turn that to your advantage and replace the unwanted characters with… well, nothing 🙂 In other words, remove it.

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How To Use Google Sheets Data Validation

So let’s play. I need to find a hash tag (#) in A1 and replace it with ‘nothing’, which is marked in spreadsheets with double quotes (“”). With all this in mind, I can construct the following formula:

Tip The hashtag is also in quotes, because that’s how you should mention text strings in Google Sheets formulas.

Then copy this formula down the column if Google Sheets doesn’t offer to do it automatically, and you’ll get your addresses without the hashtags:

But what about those dashes and brackets? Should you create more formulas? Not at all! If you nest multiple SUBSTITUTE functions in one Google Sheets formula, you’ll remove all of these characters from each cell:

How To Turn Off Auto Capitalization In Google Docs

This formula removes characters one by one and each SUBSTITUTE, starting from the middle, becomes the range to look for the next SUBSTITUTE:

Tip In addition, you can wrap this in an ArrayFormula and cover the entire column at once. In this case, also change the cell reference (A1) to your data in column (A1:A7):

Although you can use the above-mentioned SUBSTITUTE function for Google Sheets to remove text from cells, I would also like to show another function — REGEXREPLACE.

Its name is an acronym for ‘regular expression replace’. And I will use the regular expressions to search for the strings to remove and replace them with ‘nothing’ (“”).

How To Lock Cells In Google Sheets

Tip If you are not interested in using regular expressions, I describe a much easier way at the end of this blog post.

Tip If you are looking for ways to find and remove duplicates in Google Sheets, visit this blog post instead.

Tip There is a special page that you can refer to to build various regular expressions and search for the text in different positions of cells.

Tip As for those remaining commas, the SUBSTITUTE function described above will help remove them 😉 You can even insert a REGEXREPLACE with the SUBSTITUTE and solve everything with one formula:

Slicers In Google Sheets: Filter Controls For Pivot Tables & Charts

When it comes to removing everything before and after certain characters, REGEXREPLACE also helps. Remember, the function requires 3 arguments:

And, as I mentioned above when I introduced the function, it is the second one that you should use correctly so that the function knows what to find and remove.

Tip As an alternative, you can simply remove the first line if that would be easier for your task:

Only this time, you tell the function to group (and return) everything before the line break and discard the rest:

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Google Sheets: Cleaning Data

Another case I would like to mention here concerns the additional information in parentheses. Whenever it is unimportant, there is no point in keeping it in cells. And you have all the means to remove not only everything in between but also the brackets themselves.

There are some additional features of Google Sheets that allow you to delete the text before a certain character. They are right, LEN and FIND.

Note. These functions will only help if the records to save are of the same length, like phone numbers in my case. If they aren’t, just use the REGEXREPLACE instead or, even better, the easier tool described at the end.

Using this triple in a particular order will help me get the same result and remove all the text before a plus sign:

Separate Date And Time From A Timestamp In Google Sheets

Unfortunately, this way won’t help much to remove the text after the line break in my case (clearing phone numbers and saving addresses), because the addresses are of different length.

Whenever you need to remove a certain number of different characters from the beginning or the end of a cell, REGEXREPLACE and RIGHT/LEFT+LEN will also help.

Note. Since I have already introduced these functions above, I will keep this point short and provide some ready-made formulas. Or feel free to skip to the easiest solution described at the end.

So, how can I remove the codes from these phone numbers? Or, in other words, remove the first 9 characters from cells:

How To Freeze And Unfreeze Rows Or Columns In Google Sheets

Functions and everything is good whenever you have time to kill. But do you know that there is a special tool that covers all the mentioned ways and you just have to select the required radio button? 🙂 No formulas, no extra columns — you couldn’t ask for a better companion ;D

You don’t have to take my word for it, just install Power Tools and see for yourself:

Another tool from Power Tools will remove time and date units from timestamps. It’s called Split Date and Time:

What does the split tool have to do with removing time and date units? Well, to remove time from timestamps, select

Send Email From Google Sheets When A Cell Value Changes

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