What Percentage Of Military Vote Did Obama Get In 2012

What Percentage Of Military Vote Did Obama Get In 2012 – U.S. President Barack Obama greets members of the U.S. military during a parade with troops at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska, Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

US President Barack Obama is stepping down after eight years as commander-in-chief with one of the most prestigious leadership positions in the US military, but not necessarily the political support of members of the military. His moves to downsize the armed forces, move away from traditional military power and reform social policies that bar the service of minority groups are divisive within the ranks. His critics accuse him of trading a strong security stance for political points and allowing the rise of terrorists like the Islamic State group, which the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are supposed to end. But Obama’s supporters laud him as a Nobel Peace Prize winner who ordered the elimination of Osama bin Laden and focused on military strategy while dealing with an uncooperative Congress and unprecedented budget constraints. They insist the military is now more agile and better prepared to fight unconventional wars against unconventional threats around the world. More than half of soldiers surveyed in a recent Military Times/Institute for Veterans and Military Families poll said they have a negative view of Obama and his two terms in office. About 36 percent said they were satisfied with his work as commander-in-chief. They complain about the president’s decision to reduce the military (71 percent think it should be more), his moves to withdraw troops from Iraq (59 percent say it has made America less safe) and his focus on the biggest risks. America (64 percent say China is a serious threat to the US) But more than two-thirds support Obama’s mantra that American security means building strong alliances with foreign powers. And more than 60 percent think his use of drones and special forces teams for precision strikes — rather than large-scale military operations — has helped U.S. national security. It was a defiant response to a president who entered the White House pledging to end US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, but instead remains the first US president to oversee two full terms of combat troops in hostile territory. .


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What Percentage Of Military Vote Did Obama Get In 2012

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, in a resignation memo released on January 5, defended Obama’s “progressive record” on the military, describing the White House’s actions as creating a “smaller, more technologically advanced and capable military that ready and prepared for today’s threats,” he praised. tomorrow’s difficulties”.

Obama: Veterans Day Highest Honor Americans Can Bestow On Those Who Served > U.s. Department Of Defense > Defense Department News

“America today is the leading leader, partner, and underwriter of stability and security in every region of the world, as we have been since the end of World War II,” Carter wrote. “However, even as we continue to fulfill this enduring role, it is also clear that we are entering a new strategic era … and that will require new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things.”

The White House did not respond to repeated requests for an interview with Obama to discuss his defense efforts and his military legacy.

In his farewell speech during the review of military honor on January 4, Obama said that his main priority is to control the US military, balancing the need to use force with the need to respect the armed forces.

“You have dedicated yourself to a life of service and sacrifice,” he said. “And I, in turn, have promised you that I will send you into harm’s way only when necessary, with a strategy, clear objectives, with the equipment and support you need to get the job done. Because it’s what you rightfully expect and what you deserve.”

President Obama Expresses Gratitude To Troops, Civilians During Visit To Joint Base > Air Force > Article Display

Still, many soldiers see Obama less as a warlord in chief and more as a politician running the Pentagon. Throughout his presidency, Obama has repeatedly promised to keep the military “the strongest fighting force in the world,” but many soldiers question his leadership of the agency, particularly when it comes to the defense budget.

“There’s no doubt that this period will go down as the third ’empty’ military, and it’s the president’s fault,” said James Jay Carafano, deputy director of international research at the conservative Heritage Foundation. “For all his promises, the pace of operations has not slowed down as much as he hoped, and he has invested little in the military.”

The military who responded to the Military Times/IVMF poll saw the years-long defense budget struggles as the biggest blemish of the Obama presidency. Two-thirds said the 2011 spending cap had a very negative effect on military morale, and another 28 percent said it was somewhat harmful. Less than two percent were positive about budget restrictions for the military.

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Conservatives have attacked Obama for years for a smaller defense budget, arguing that his insistence on pairing military spending with non-defense spending has undermined the Pentagon’s efforts to modernize and recapitalize.

Herschel Walker Hits Back At Barack Obama: ‘put My Résumé Against His’

The caps, known as the sequester, have been blamed for parts and repair shortages, reduced training time and a gradual reduction in military strength. They have also contributed to a number of compensation cuts, as Pentagon leaders have withheld pay increases and stipend increases in recent years to help offset funding cuts elsewhere.

Obama took most of the blame for the sequester, even though lawmakers approved the plan and did not draft a repeal bill. In recent years, administration officials have tried to dispel the narrative that the president is responsible for a host of budget battles that have engulfed Washington and, by extension, the military.

“The Department of Defense faces this new strategic era while dealing with significant obstacles presented by Congress, including budget uncertainty, the first government shutdown in a generation, repeated rejections of reform proposals to make the defense enterprise more efficient, and efforts to micromanage the department,” Carter said in your note.

“However, the Department has been able to manage its strategic priorities for eight consecutive years, beginning with continuing decisions, despite increased levels of programmatic risk.”

President Obama Outlines A New Global Military Strategy

However, independent military advocates say lower-than-expected defense budgets have put more pressure on military families in recent years. A Military Times/IVMF poll conducted immediately after Donald Trump won the presidency found that more than 60 percent of active-duty military members feel that improving pay and benefits should be the incoming administration’s top priority.

Obama has pushed back on the idea that tougher budgets have destroyed services, one of Trump’s favorite talking points. Obama said last week that the military remains “the most capable fighting force on earth” despite financial problems.

“Our battle-tested military is the best and best-equipped ground force on the planet,” he said. “Our Navy is the largest and deadliest in the world, on track to exceed 300 ships. Our Air Force is unparalleled in its precision and reach. Our Marine Corps is the only truly expeditionary force in the world. Our Coast Guard is the best in the world. “

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The White House has helped broker a pair of short-term deals to exit the budget cap in recent years, but has been unable to find a permanent solution with Republican leaders. Trump has promised to do just that, but will likely face the same political hurdles.

With Transgender Military Ban Lifted, Obama Cements Historic Lgbt Rights Legacy

“We no longer have a timely industrial base, so any changes in defense spending will be gradual,” he said. “But this problem is reversible. We just have to have a president who is interested.”

These budget concerns were at the heart of Trump’s attacks on Obama on the campaign trail, with accusations that the president was not focused on America’s “defense” and was too quick to prioritize diplomacy over military might.

Speaking to troops in Florida in December, Obama said he would never avoid military intervention, but instead took a responsible and cautious approach to these serious decisions.

“I believe that we should never act when necessary, including when necessary, in the face of any imminent threat to our people,” he said. “But I also insisted that asking our military to help nations on the other side of the world or resolve their internal conflicts is unwise and unsustainable.”

Family Separation And Detention: Obama’s Border Policy Vs. Trump’s

Obama will leave his post with US military units in the Middle East and Afghanistan, but will oversee training and assistance missions, not direct combat. He received criticism for both failing to make this deployment and moving too quickly to reduce numbers before the areas were completely secure.

“He’s a reluctant warrior,” said Phil Carter, director of the Military, Veterans and Community Program at the progressive Center for a New American Security. “He fought to end wars overseas and keep those promises, and he never got around to doing that.”

The forces surveyed differed on whether Obama had struck the right balance at these troop levels. About 60 percent of respondents said that the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq made America safer. A little smaller 55 percent said move to

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