Why Can’t You Have Long Hair In The Military

Why Can’t You Have Long Hair In The Military – Is long hair killing the hair industry? With long hair gaining popularity, HJ asks two experts to share their views on whether long hair is having a negative impact on hairdressing businesses.

“We all need to evaluate the haircuts we offer and accept that long hair may cost us our craft in the future.”

Why Can’t You Have Long Hair In The Military

No matter where you look, women have long hair – there’s not much individuality, not even a bang. As an industry, we have to take some of the responsibility. Celebrities set trends and the global economy means people are cutting back on salon visits.

Pros And Cons Of Short Vs. Long Hair

We have promoted short,  aggressive haircuts that were created for hairdressers and  are not realistic for the everyday consumer. Consumers have rebelled and opted for ponytails and long hair they can style at home.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no less skill in creating long hair looks, blow drying and dressing hair. But we also need the diversity and variety of shorter hairstyles to keep customers motivated and our workforce skilled at our craft.

In the eyes of the consumer, there is not much skill in a trim and their sisters and friends can do it for them at home. I think we have an opportunity now to talk to our customers about having an individual look – not everyone wants to look like a mermaid with long hair. Everyone will benefit from a fringe, layers, movement or some volume and we are the only ones who can give them this advice.

Hairdressers should know all the basics – grading, layering, texturing – but there may be an entire generation not skilled in these techniques, and skills as an industry are potentially diminishing. If fashion returns to more varied styles and lengths, our workforce may not be able to produce what customers want.

Long Hairstyles & Haircuts You Need To Try In 2023

There was a similar crisis in the 1980s and we tackled it by creating styles like the wedge. It evolved into the stack to be perpetuated and created new skills that revitalized our industry. From our creativity, new fashion was born with volume, anti-head shapes and geometry, and it was again about hair.

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“It’s a myth that long hair is bad for our business – it doesn’t mean less maintenance for customers.”

Long hair is popular on the catwalks, streets, social media and red carpets. People love it because it is beautifully feminine. Once your hair is past your shoulders, you can wear it differently every day. Wear it straight, style it into waves, tie it up, do a half-up-half-down or mess it up. Long-haired customers will also spend money on weekly blow-dryers, treatments and products.

Long-haired customers are an important part of the TONI&GUY business and are always included in our campaigns. You only have to look at your own customer base to see how important they are. We need to excite them as much as we would short-haired customers.

Tips To Grow Your Hair Long + Healthy That You Must Try

It’s a myth that long hair is bad for business – it means less maintenance and needs just as many trims, colors and treatments as shorter hair. Hair is like a piece of clothing – a pair of trousers is a pair of trousers,  but it’s the little details that make it contemporary with the current seasonal trends, whether it’s the shape of the pockets or the pleats.

If you just see it as long hair, it will be boring. You need to keep it fresh through cutting techniques, color placement and styling know-how. There are many techniques that are ideal for longer hair, such as highlights and balayage. We have a styling and finishing course dedicated to the art of dressing long hair.

Every time a long-haired client sits in your chair, you should discuss new techniques and durability. It takes a specific skill to keep long hair looking modern, and it’s no coincidence that there are so few long hair experts in the industry. Like short hair, it’s a fabric that can take on a new life depending on what you do with it.

Our industry must engage with long-haired customers and keep our skills in dressing long hair up-to-date. There is so much more to it than adding a few layers!

Why I’m Never Cutting My Hair, Aged 61

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Short Layers On Long Hair: 13 Examples Of This Hot Trend

Pranav Biji, 26, from Hull, has revealed his secrets to the perfect silky mane as he’s gone from a shaved head to 20in long locks (Image: instagram.com/i.maneiac)

A man who went from shaving his head to growing flowing 20-inch locks has revealed his secrets on how

Pranav Biji, 26, from Hull, was bald this time four years ago but has developed a passion for hair care after growing out his mane.

The marketing and advertising student, whose hair is now the “longest it’s ever been”, is getting plenty of attention across Hull for his epic mane, but unfortunately is also often subjected to “rude comments”.

Long Hair Haircuts: 6 Styles That Will Elevate Your Look

Pranav moved to Hull from India last month as he began studying for his postgraduate degree, Hull Live reports.

Pranav Biji was bald this time four years ago but has developed a passion for hair care after growing out his mane (Image: instagram.com/i.maneiac)

Aside from her studies, the shampoo enthusiast is now looking to land a modeling gig to show off her hair growth.

Pranav shaved his head back in 2017 and 20 centimeters later he has the hair he “absolutely loves”.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair: Get Ready To Be Obsessed!

Talking about his hair care journey, Pranav said, “I have always had longer hair than my peers but this is the first time I have grown it out this far.

“I just love my hair and I don’t do it to look good or anything. I love to take care of it. In today’s world we can get any information we want, but just spend a little time on it, it’s everything.

“Back in India, it wasn’t very normal for a man to have long hair, so they called me a girl. People asked me if I couldn’t afford a haircut.”

Pranav shaved his head back in 2017 and 20 inches later he has the hair he “absolutely loves” (Image: instagram.com/i.maneiac)

The Ultimate Long Hairstyles Gallery For Men: 2023

The student often shares tips on her Instagram page, and surprisingly doesn’t use many products on her hairstyle.

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Giving tips, Pranav added, “The funny thing is, I don’t use any products on my hair other than shampoo and conditioner.

“I think you need to brush your hair every day to keep it unfiltered and I oil once or twice a week depending on how dry my hair gets. Patience is the key here, you need to take your time and care properly .

“One of the most interesting parts is that you don’t really need to wash your hair very often because your scalp has its own oil, and that’s what helps with hair growth.”

The Guy’s Guide To Taking Care Of Long Hair

The student said: “If you wash it very often, you will have a dry scalp and can lead to thinning of your hair in the long run. Personally, in this hair journey of four years, I saw that I only had to wash it once or twice a week without problems.

The haircare lover was approached by modeling agencies back in India, and now hopes to be scouted in Hull as well.

He added: “People often ask why I don’t model and it’s true that I haven’t really bothered to find the opportunities here yet, but now I’m looking.”

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