Is The Mayday Parade In Moscow Usually A Military Parade

Is The Mayday Parade In Moscow Usually A Military Parade – Russia celebrates Victory Day every May 9 with military parades and processions across the country, with Moscow’s massive parade at the heart of the celebrations. Andrey Nikerichev / Moscow News Agency

Russia may close or reschedule the annual parade commemorating the Soviet victory in World War II in Red Square due to the coronavirus pandemic, the RBC news website reported on Thursday.

Is The Mayday Parade In Moscow Usually A Military Parade

Russia celebrates Victory Day every May 9 with military parades and processions across the country, with Moscow’s massive parade at the heart of the celebrations. President Vladimir Putin has invited several world leaders, including US President Donald Trump, to attend the 75th anniversary commemoration of Victory Day this year.

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The Kremlin and the Defense Ministry are discussing holding the parade this fall or holding it on May 9, but holding it without spectators, RBC cited three sources close to the Kremlin and the ministry.

They are considering September 2, when Japan officially surrendered to end the war in 1945, or November 7, when Soviet troops marched through Red Square to commemorate the Bolshevik Revolution in 1941, as alternative parade dates.

The Kremlin reiterated on Wednesday that plans to hold a Victory Day parade on May 9 remain unchanged.

“Perhaps everything should be done so that, on the one hand, we pay tribute to the memory of our people and the heroism of our country, but on the other hand, we should not harm the health of our people,” he said.

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Russia’s World War II veterans and survivors, who are in their 80s and 90s and are more at risk of serious health consequences from the virus than younger people, have continued to receive invitations to gatherings across the country in recent weeks, The New York Times reported. Saturday.

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The coronavirus outbreak has infected 3,548 people in Russia and killed 30, according to official data, with most cases concentrated in Moscow. Worldwide there have been 936,000 infections and nearly 47,300 deaths.

Serbian defense chief tests positive for coronavirus scare He visited Serbian troops in Moscow last Tuesday after a visit to Moscow and was due to attend a Victory Day parade the next day.

Risk factor Major Russian cities postpone Victory Day parades over virus fears Moscow’s massive military parade is still set to go ahead as planned.

May Day Parade In Red Square, Moscow. 9th May 1967. News Photo

Cautious celebrations Russia says only ‘coronavirus immune’ troops will march in Victory Day parade Russia has also invited troops from 19 countries to march in the rescheduled Victory Day parade.

Rsvp Russia resumes talks with world leaders to attend June WWII parade Postponement of event due to coronavirus is a blow to Putin. Video provided by Reuters

MOSCOW — Tens of thousands of Russians marched through Red Square on Thursday as part of May Day celebrations in the first display of a Soviet-era-like celebration since the dissolution of the communist Soviet Union in 1991.

“For the first time, the stages will be filled and 5,000 (labor) veterans will stand in the tribunes of Red Square,” Sergei Chernov, chairman of the Moscow Labor Union Federation, was quoted as saying by ITAR-Tass. The march is part of President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to stoke patriotic sentiment following Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

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Around 2 million people are expected to attend the event, organized by Russian trade unions, which are largely loyal to the Kremlin. In the end, about 100,000 people took part in the celebration, some holding signs that read: “Let’s go to Crimea for a holiday” and “Putin is right.” Russian flags waved in the crowd.

“I can say that there will be no famous statesmen standing on the grave (as in the Soviet Union),” ITAR-Tass quoted him as saying.

During the days of the Soviet Union, May Day was celebrated with massive rallies in Red Square as a monument to labor. Former members of the Soviet Politburo, unelected state leaders, held up red posters praising the working man as they laid the body of Russian revolutionary and first Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin at the grave.

The Red Army marched in lockstep, and trucks loaded with ICBMs paraded past the crowds in a show of force to the world.

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But since the fall of communism here 23 years ago, the annual parade has given way to less political festivities. The Communist Party and smaller left-wing groups still held rallies, but they never regained the scale of the old days.

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Many Muscovites leave the city early because of the May 1 holiday. Road blocks and traffic disruptions are common.

In recent years, May 9 has become more flamboyant as Victory Day, commemorating the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

This year’s May Day parade comes amid a mix of patriotism and repression following Russia’s annexation of the breakaway Republic of Crimea from Ukraine last month.

May Day Parade In Red Square Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Moscow City Hall approved several political marches on May 1, including a march by ultranationalists, refusing to give the liberal opposition to Putin permission to hold a protest rally on May 6, citing preparations for the Victory Day parade.

Russia’s Kommersant newspaper, according to a Defense Ministry source, said Putin may celebrate the day in Ukraine’s Crimea province, which has been seized by the Russian military in what the West calls an illegal invasion. The tanks will roll during Thursday’s rehearsal for May 9. A Victory Day military parade takes place on Palace Square in St. Petersburg, Russia.

MOSCOW – Victory Day, an annual event commemorating the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, will be celebrated on Monday, with added intrigue and import this year due to Russia’s fight in Ukraine.

Under Russian President Vladimir Putin, the May 9 event gained scale and political significance with a Soviet-style military parade accompanied by a presidential speech in Moscow’s Red Square.

May Day Parade, Gorki Street, Moscow

This year’s Victory Day comes amid widespread speculation in Russia and the West that Putin is keen on at least a symbolic victory in Ukraine. A big question is whether — or how — Putin can try to galvanize Russians and combine past Soviet glory and sacrifice with a new call against what he argues is a “neo-Nazi” regime in Ukraine.

The Kremlin insists that what it calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine is going “as planned”. In two months, Western security officials say Moscow has struggled to meet its goals. Some Russians fear that Putin may use the occasion to officially declare war, calling for national mobilization against not only Ukraine but other countries in the West.

Evidence of the Kremlin’s quest for optics of victory may have come last week when a senior official, Sergei Kiriyenko, visited the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol. A pocket of Ukrainian resistance remains inside a local steel mill, but Putin has officially declared Russian control of Mariupol, unleashing a flood of Russian government media into the city.

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In front of the cameras, Kiriyenko, Putin’s deputy chief of staff, unveiled a statue depicting an elderly Ukrainian woman, which Russian state media said became a symbol of Ukrainian support for Russian forces. The woman, known as Babushka Anya, filmed Ukrainian soldiers greeting them with a Soviet banner, mistaking them for Russians. In the video, she refuses food offered to her by troops after realizing they are Ukrainian.

Russia’s Victory Day Parade, In Images

She is a “living symbol of the continuity of generations and the ongoing struggle against Nazism and fascism,” Kiriyenko declared, echoing Putin’s claims that Russian troops were in Ukraine to “exterminate” the country. “She became the grandmother of all of Donbass and the grandmother of all of Russia.”

Kiriyenko’s presence in Mariupol comes amid Russian news reports that the Kremlin adviser – who usually oversees domestic politics – is working to politically integrate Ukrainian lands as they fall to Russian forces.

Hours before Russia’s decision to send troops into Ukraine in February, Putin recognized the independence of Ukraine’s separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. At the time, Putin defended the move as a humanitarian mission to protect Russian speakers in the region. Western intelligence services say the Kremlin may now seek annexation of territories as a possible reward.

People walk through a tunnel of stars set up as a decoration for Russia’s Victory Day in central Moscow on Thursday. Russia will hold its annual military parade in Red Square on May 9.

The 76th Wwii Victory Day Military Parade In Central Moscow In Photos

U.S. And Russia has recently scaled back its focus on Ukrainian enclaves in the eastern Donbass region as European allies have increased the flow of arms and other support to Ukraine.

Russia’s military has targeted those shipments amid increasing warnings and criticism from the Kremlin, which argues that military aid risks sparking a military confrontation between Russia and NATO powers.

Underscoring this message, Russia on Wednesday held drills simulating a strategic nuclear attack in the western exclave of Kaliningrad on the European border.

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