What Is In The Box Of A Swiss Military Watch

What Is In The Box Of A Swiss Military Watch – It’s not always easy for the Swiss Abroad to find their favorite childhood chocolate bars or other specialty products like Rivella or Ovaltine when they’re thousands of miles away from home. The Huber brothers, Dominik and Manuel, claim to offer an online solution.

Graduated with a master’s degree in languages ​​and international trade. Worked for 8 years as personal assistant to the Director General of Swiss National Broadcasting. As an expatriate myself, I have the gift of understanding the Swiss abroad.

What Is In The Box Of A Swiss Military Watch

“For me, nothing beats sipping a Rivella [soft drink] or snacking on Swiss sweets to help make the house feel less bad,” says Verena, who lives in California, USA.

Antique Swiss Music Box

A growing number of nostalgic Swiss like Verena, who want to satisfy their sweet tooth or stay in touch with their homeland through Swiss food products, are using the services of Swiss Food Box and My Swiss World.

The two small online businesses were founded in 2015 by brothers Dominik and Manuel Huber. At the time, Dominik was living in Colombia, where he was studying economics and looking for a new business idea.

As a regular customer of Lindt chocolate shops in the capital Bogota, he realized that other Swiss abroad probably had cravings for Swiss chocolate and other well-known childhood treats.

After doing research and discovering that such companies did not exist, he decided to start Swiss Food Box with his brother, who is an IT expert.

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A Swiss Rosewood Six Air Cylinder Music Box By Bremond, Circa 1870.

Their business concept is simple. Customers pay a monthly subscription, ranging from CHF19.95 ($21.87) to CHF59.95 ($65.70), for one of three different food boxes (Swiss chocolate pack, Swiss candies or a classic Swiss food box). A personalized selection is also possible.

In 2020, the brothers launched a second company and an online site, My Swiss World, which offers Swiss specialties but without a monthly subscription.

Several days a month, Dominik Huber’s apartment is jam-packed with boxes and groceries.

The company sends around 300 monthly orders from Winterthur in northeastern Switzerland. Last Christmas, they smashed the 500 mark. Around 60 individual food parcels (90 CHF on average) are also sent each month.

Lindt Assorted Swiss Masterpieces Ballotin, 250g

Half of their customers live in the United States, while Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain represent around 30% of their market. The remaining 20% ​​are based mainly in Europe.

“Initially, most communication with customers was in English. These countries have the largest communities of Swiss abroad,” explains Dominik. “The further away you live from Switzerland, the more difficult it is to find these products.”

Swiss Food Box and My Swiss World have no partnership with food brands or distributors. Dominik buys the products in specialized stores or directly from the manufacturers. He also takes advantage of special offers in supermarkets.

“Sometimes employees look at me a little weird when they see me emptying the shelves of chips or chocolate,” he says.

Sigg Metal Box Plus L Red

Their online stores do not offer meat or alcohol because importing them is prohibited in many countries. Imported cheese must also be made with pasteurized milk.

“A woman who lives in Chicago signed up from the first month we started the food boxes,” says Dominik.

Over time, he got to know many of their customers, such as a woman in the United States who regularly orders Ovaltine products.

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“For more than a year, one of our customers in Canada ordered only mayonnaise – six or seven tubes a month – through our personalized service,” says Dominik.

Difference Coffee Swiss Water Koffeinfrei

The Swiss, who is almost 30 years old, manages to live solely from online commerce. Her brother has another job as a consultant. But they receive help from their father, who is retired.

This is probably one of the reasons for its success: a small, flexible company that knows its customers well. Swiss Food Box does not rent offices or storage space and uses social media for targeted advertising.

“We are working in a market that is too small for the big operators,” he says, referring to Swiss Post’s Swiss Authentic Shop, an online store for Swiss abroad which closed last summer after just nine months. .

Join the discussion Swiss Made Jessica Davis Plüss What’s a Swiss product or invention you can’t do without? With Swiss National Day on August 1, we want to know what you miss the most when you’re away from home.

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Milk Chocolate With Marshmallows .73oz Ea 8ct 7.3oz Box

Switzerland: the land of cooperatives The cooperative business model not only permeates the Swiss economy, but also forms the roots of its politics.

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Although the authentic names can be difficult to pronounce, these quintessentially Swiss products are easy to enjoy; a European experience without the plane ticket.

Lindt Assorted Napolitains Carrier Box 250g

Gift set includes: Swiss Alps Salt Chocolate Caramels Engadiner Nut Torte Slice Hazelnut + Nougat Chocolate Bar

INGREDIENTS: View product details for each via the links below (clockwise from top left in box photo):

Nussbergerli Sticks 3 pcs box Swiss Alps Salt Chocolate Almonds 3 oz bag Leckerli Biscuits 5 pcs 10 oz bag

Some products contain nuts, flour, eggs and/or milk. No preservatives. Please enjoy it within a few months of purchase. Store in a cool, dry place.

Amazon.com: Tech Swiss Watch Box Storage Case Leather For 10 Watches (black / Navy)

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