What Is The Process Of Joining The Military Aged 16

What Is The Process Of Joining The Military Aged 16 – Hear from young service members about their decisions to join, the friendships they’ve formed, the skills they’ve built, and their opportunities to make an impact in the Army.

From making an impact in the lives of others to meaningful connections and skills that last a lifetime – discover how young adults find fulfillment in the Army.

What Is The Process Of Joining The Military Aged 16

Once you speak with the recruiter, you will set a date to visit a Military Enrollment Processing Center (MEPS) to complete the enlistment process.

Us Military Fitness Test Requirements

MEPS is a joint Service organization that determines an applicant’s physical attributes, abilities and moral standards as set by each branch of the military service. There are MEPS locations across the country.

Length 2:56 Military Enlistment Preparation Center (MEPS) Overview Each MEPS is staffed by military and civilian professionals who carefully screen each applicant to ensure they meet the physical, academic and moral standards set by each Service. Video Posted on August 9, 2018 View Article by j2z1LEEq1cM

Speaker 1: I am Commander Cathy Macer. I am the commanding officer of the Boston Military Intake Processing Center. MEPS is where applicants come to work for the Armed Forces, and we have a responsibility to ensure that they join the Army in both peacetime and mobilization. Well, the day begins, since the applicant has stayed in a contract hotel for one night, they are given a wake-up call at 4:00 am. Breakfast at the hotel, and so they are here at MEPS shortly after 5:00 am.

Speaker 2: My name is Staff Sergeant Michael Lyle. I am the MEPS liaison when it comes to anyone in the Air Force. The applicant will come in the morning and sit down with the partners, and we’ll go over what their day will entail and what they should expect and, yeah, usually around 5:15, 5:30, when they’re going to do it. show up, we’re the first face they get to see in the morning.

Austria — It’s Time To Join Nato

Speaker 1: Gone are the days when applicants are kept in different rooms, you know, large rooms and treated with indifference. We have moved to red carpet treatment for our applicants, where they are treated with dignity and respect.

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Speaker 3: Good morning, everyone. I’m Sergeant First Class Ketcham. I am Operations NCRC here at Boston MEPS.

We soothe them all day, all the time. I mean, yeah, when they come to the floor, you know, they come very early in the morning. Once we sign them into MEPS, we get them all in one place, and we give them a morning briefing.

Once we’re done here, you’ll go to the medical people. You’re going to get a summary of the treatment, and you’re going to go through that process, right? Once the overview is complete, you will get a test. You’re going to meet the healers, right? And you are going that way. Once you have completed the treatment, you will go down to your service contact. You will sit down with a consultant, and you guys are going to discuss the work. Once that is done, you will come to the processing section. Okay, we’ll do what we’re supposed to do there, get you ready to swear in, take the Oath of Enrollment and then we’ll book you a ride home.

U.s. Military Enlistment Process And Job Selection

Speaker 2: When they understand the whole process, then we try to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and that if there are any doubts, we hope that the person feels comfortable talking about them before we start the day. . That way, they have a nice, smooth process. They know where they are going, where they are coming from, and when they come back to see us, they are in a good mood because they know one more part has been completed.

Speaker 5: I always wanted to join the Army. I went through college, and, you know, economics is not my main thing right now, but I always wanted to join.

Speaker 6: A family full of Marines. My uncle did 32, my father did 23 and it will be nice to join as well, to be part of the brotherhood.

Speaker 5: And you know, I got opportunities that can be used with my degree, all kinds of things, and it gives a lot of advantages to what I want to do in the future.

Joining The Nhs From The British Army.

Speaker 1: We are fortunate to have them come to the Army. This is a volunteer service. This is not the era of the draft, and so it is important to us and to each of my employees to treat those who love to serve their country with the respect they deserve.

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Length 5:34 A Day at a Military Enlistment Preparation Center (MEPS) See what it’s like at each stage of the MEPS process, and find out what is expected of new recruits. Video Posted on August 8, 2018 KXuaw9aVwUU View Article

Narrator: Military Entry Processing Centers, or MEPs, are places where applicants for military service go to complete the enlistment process. MEPs ensure that each applicant meets the ability, physical and behavioral standards set by the Department of Defense and the service branches.

The government pays for accommodation for all military applicants preparing to go through the MEPs process. Hotel staff explain what to expect the next day, including rules of conduct and a list of prohibited items that are not allowed in MEPs.

Can Individuals With Dyslexia Join Us Military?

After their briefing, applicants can enjoy hotel services and a special applicant’s room where they can hang out, get to know each other, play games and watch TV until 10:00 pm. Applicants are not allowed to drink alcohol or leave the hotel, but can hang out with friends and family in the public areas of the hotel. The lounge closes at 10:00 pm. so that everyone can get a good night’s sleep. They will need it.

Breakfast is served very early so applicants are ready to board the MEPS bus on time. Make sure you eat a well-balanced breakfast and drink plenty of water before leaving the hotel. Your body will need fuel. It is free and served very early so that applicants can call the MEPs bus at 4:30 am.

Applicants must wear underwear and neat, modest, comfortable clothes. The piercing must be removed. Offensive words or images are not allowed and hats are not allowed inside MEPs. Prohibited products are not allowed in MEPs. See your employer for a complete list of prohibited items.

MEPS staff informs applicants. Applicants will go through a security check when entering the MEPs. Once entered, MEPs applicants will place their personal belongings in the spaces provided for that purpose. Rings should be removed. They block the audio equipment for the hearing test.

Surviving Army Basic Training

Each applicant must have their driver’s license, social security card, birth certificate and any requested medical records with them during processing. Your employer can give you more information. Cell phones are only allowed in the waiting area.

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Some MEPs process as many as one hundred and fifty applicants in one day. Processing can take from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm. After a briefing by the MEPs commander, applicants meet with a representative of their chosen service branch, where they receive applicant name tags and are then sent to the control desk for instructions. Name tags must be worn visibly at all times until checkout.

It is important for every applicant to stay alert and follow instructions throughout the day. Biometrics, including the applicant’s photo and fingerprints, are done early in the morning and will be used whenever the applicant enters or exits the facility. Applicants must check in and out of each station to help ensure they are in the right place at the expected time.

All applicants must take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB. The ASVAB is a comprehensive series of aptitude tests that help determine which military jobs an individual is best suited for. Some applicants may have taken the ASVAB in the afternoon the day before, or earlier at a satellite testing location near their home. The ASVAB tests reading comprehension and math skills as well as electrical, science and technical knowledge. It takes up to three hours. Applicants may also be required to take special purpose tests that assist the Armed Services in determining the best fit for a particular job.

My Base Guide

The next step is a medical examination. The examination will include a complete analysis of urine, HIV, pregnancy, drugs and alcohol, an ortho neuro examination, which measures balance and coordination, and hearing and vision tests.

Your name tag will be used as a meal ticket during lunch. Lunch will be provided by MEPs to all applicants free of charge. Once the applicant passes the physical test, they meet with their service liaison about available jobs, incentives, salaries and departure dates.

In processing, applicants verify all details of their contracts, with their fingerprints

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