Can You Ask About Military Service On A Job Application

Can You Ask About Military Service On A Job Application – Recruits receive general training at Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes, Illinois, on Aug. 23, 2018. More than 30,000 recruits graduate from the Navy’s only boot camp annually. (Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Camilo Fernan/U.S. Navy)

Every year, thousands of Americans consider serving in the. You can make it a very rewarding growth experience if you prepare yourself before joining. Here are the top 10 things you should consider before meeting with a recruiter:

Can You Ask About Military Service On A Job Application

Participating in the is usually a life-defining decision. Your greatest chance for a successful enlistment or extended career will suffer if you are “talked into” joining. Make sure you can articulate the basis of your desire to participate and be confident in your decision.

Steps To Join

The purpose of basic training, or “boot camp,” is to turn recruits into soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. This training is rooted in education, tradition and, yes, physical strength and stamina. All services have specific minimum requirements, but they only represent a rough starting point for recruits. Get in shape as many weeks before you compete as possible.

Research important things about your future profession. Learn about current events around the world as they affect your potential assignment. Talk to veterans. Read stories about missions with all services. Think about what you want to be when you enroll.

Call to make an appointment to meet face to face. Be persistent. Prepare questions in advance. Know what you need to bring and what you want to do in the before you visit. Anticipate what you will need, such as a Social Security card, birth certificate, other IDs, and high school and college transcripts.

It will screen you medically, but you can get an exemption if you have had previous surgeries, broken bones or major illnesses. Know which ailments are disqualifying – check here for more info. Make copies of your records before submitting them.

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Learn how to take this test. Take practice tests (Ace the ASVAB) and read a book on tips and strategies for taking the ASVAB. There are many ASVAB study guides in bookstores and online. Your score on this test can determine where you will live and what you will do in the.

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“Good order and discipline” are a core characteristic of the . You will undergo a background investigation to ensure there are no disqualifying events in your past. Criminal behavior is a typical disqualifier. Inform the recruiter of any arrests. An omission may be detrimental to further advancement due to a perceived character problem. A successful stint in the depends heavily on confidence.

In addition to confidence, a successful stint is dependent on discipline. That discipline starts the moment a recruit joins basic training. Accept that all feedback is positive and the key to achieving the personal discipline needed to succeed in the. Learning to be led is the most important lesson in learning to lead.

Often enlisting takes the newly enlisted soldier, sailor, airman or marine away from family, loved ones and home. You will gather travel and professional experiences that will shape the way you see the world, at a very early age. Embrace the opportunity.

News.frequently Asked Questions

The Marines say, “The change is forever.” The experience will shape your life through the development of self-confidence and relationships that sometimes last a lifetime. You will learn how to respond quickly to high-stress situations , and you will rely on your training to help others through traumatic events.

Many educational opportunities are available, including vocational training courses and full college tuition paid in undergraduate and graduate programs. Choosing the axis career also has its benefits (retirement and medical) and challenges. Here is more info on the GI Bill and other college/training programs.

Do your homework before you see a recruiter. Take the time to educate yourself about all the pros and cons and opportunities for you. It’s your life; make it a good one. Start now.

We can put you in touch with recruiters from the various branches. Learn about the benefits of serving your country, paying for school, career paths, and more: register now and hear from a recruiter near you.

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Nutrition Strategies for the Literal Long Haul: Endurance Events and Spec Selections The time to practice and test strategies is during your preparation—not on game day.

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The White House said on Monday that Russia is looking to buy additional advanced attack drones from Iran to use … Retired Special Forces Lt. Col. Otis McGregor shares his thoughts on why asking questions and listening to the stories of veterans and their experiences important to overcome stereotypes and honor the legacy of those who served.

Somewhere, some time ago, we decided to label military veterans as damaged people. The media and entertainment industry helped to exaggerate this, with veterans often portrayed as having hidden mental issues or capable of snapping at any moment. While trauma, PTSD, and other mental health issues for veterans are real issues that we need to better address, this overly broad characterization can exacerbate communication problems between veterans and those around them. It can create uncertainty and trepidation about how to ask about a veteran’s experiences and even prevent them from getting the support they need.

People choose military service for many different reasons, but most – whether it’s a single enlistment (~3 years) or a 30-year lifetime – will tell you that they were part of something bigger than themselves and served a bigger purpose with a group of other like-minded individuals. The call to serve goes beyond the mission to support and defend the Constitution, and quickly becomes about the soldiers, sailors, marines and leftists of their left and right. No one wants to let their partner down, whether in battle or on a morning run, and powerful stories and lessons can come from these shared experiences. Applying a blanket label to an entire group of people is harmful – no group is a monolith. And that goes for the stigma of not asking a veteran about their service for fear it might upset them.

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As someone who served in the military for 25 years, starting at age 19, I love to share my stories and experiences. I attribute much of my success to the men and women I served and worked with every day. I would not have achieved what I have if it wasn’t for the life lessons and friendships that came from my service. The stigma of “He could snap at any second,” creates a fear of those outside the veteran community and a divide between those who served and those who did not. What is lost is the opportunity to share our stories. We create our legacy when we share our stories, veteran or not.

Everything You Need To Know About Joining The Guard And Reserve

Our legacy is not some narcissistic way to put a mark on history. It is about sharing who we are and what we have learned as a gift to others. It is also a way to remember those who are no longer with us; to honor their memories. I consider myself lucky when it comes to this category. I know of many people who were killed in combat, but have only lost a few close friends. One thing I know is that those men and women did not die in vain. The best way for me to honor the legacy of everyone I served with, those who fell and those who came home, is to remember their names

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