Can You Join The Military With Tattoos On Your Hands

Can You Join The Military With Tattoos On Your Hands – Army bans new recruits with visible tattoos – both ways Rules against ink below the elbows and above the neckline were loosened in 2006 when more soldiers were needed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, the Army wants to tighten the rules again.

A US Army soldier at the Monti outpost in Afghanistan’s Kunar province in September 2011. Tauseef Mustafa/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

Can You Join The Military With Tattoos On Your Hands

No visible ink. That’s the gist of a new regulation approved by the secretary of the Army that prohibits new recruits from displaying tattoos while in uniform.

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Josh Smith, a reporter for Stars and Stripes, says tattoo rules were loosened in 2006 when the military was looking to boost recruiting.

At the time, the military allowed “more hand tattoos and neck tattoos [as long as] they weren’t considered offensive or lewd or anything like that and they weren’t too big,” says Smith, speaking to All Things Considered from ‘ s. .

Host Melissa Block that soldiers already in the military may be recognized under the new rules. Still, “all soldiers will still not be allowed to get tattoos that are racist, sexist or extremist,” he wrote in

Sgt. Army Maj. Raymond Chandler, who is the Army’s top enlisted soldier, told troops in Afghanistan on Monday that he expects the new regulations to take effect within the next 30 to 60 days.

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“Once the rules are implemented, Soldiers will sit down with their unit leaders and self-identify each tattoo. Soldiers will have to pay for the removal of any tattoos that violate the policy,” Chandler said. .

“So they’re not looking at soldiers who stand out because they might have an obvious real tattoo in a very visible place,” says Smith, who spoke to some soldiers who say they’re unhappy with the new rules. .

Other soldiers, he says, think “it’s the army, suck it up. If you don’t like it, there’s the door.” this is not true. While there are specific rules for getting tattoos in the military, the answer to “Can you get tattoos in the military?” it’s not a hard and fast no. In fact, for the most part, it’s a “yes!” Read on to see what we mean.

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Polar bear, turtles and hearts: the true meaning behind sailor tattoos. Can you have tattoos in the military? Many people complain that the military tattoo rules are too complicated to fully understand, so we’ll do our best to simplify them. The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its findings on military tattoo regulations with a bunch of helpful graphics that can help us better understand the military’s position on the issue. Are tattoos allowed in the military? Yes (although there are stipulations regarding the size, content and placement of tattoos). But rest assured that no jurisdiction says getting tattoos in the military is “defacing government property.” General Rules and Prohibited Tattoos Head, face and neck tattoos in the military are prohibited for all, most branches. What about the other sites? Can you get hand tattoos in the military? For most branches, the answer is no. The military has banned hand tattoos for a long time. However, the Army recently updated its policy on hand and neck tattoos amid its recruiting crisis. Soldiers can now get a tattoo on each hand as long as it doesn’t exceed 1 inch in length. They can also get a tattoo on the back of their neck as long as it does not exceed 2 inches in length. As a general rule, the Armed Forces forbid “tattoos harmful to good order and discipline, or that discredit their service. Specifically, all policies prohibit content related to extremism, sexism, and racism. In addition, the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard also prohibit drug and gang-related content, and the Air Force prohibits gang-related content.” Each branch has the power to determine whether a tattoo violates these content violations. or not. Where are tattoos allowed or not? Here are more rules about having tattoos in the military:

Army Tightens Personal Appearance, Tattoo Policy

The following graphic from GAO ​​shows these rules in an easily digestible format starting in 2022. As you can see, arm and torso tattoos are allowed in the military since they are often covered by standard uniforms anyway. Also, the Navy is the most lenient branch when it comes to tattoos. So, if you have a lot of tattoos and want to join the military, the Navy will be your best bet. So why can’t you have military tattoos in some places but can in others? Well, the military is a job after all. No, it’s not quite the same as civilian jobs in terms of tasks and lifestyle, but they still want to make sure the “employees” (or service members, for that matter) look professional. The reasoning behind the tattoo restrictions is similar to the very specific rules on military uniforms and dress. Military Tattoo Exemption If you want to join a branch that is stricter on the placement of tattoos, but you already have one that isn’t allowed, you may be able to get a tattoo exemption. They are usually only awarded when the tattoo in question only violates the size or location rules, not the content rules. Don’t expect to join any branch of the military with sexually explicit, extremist, racist or sexist tattoos. Each military branch has a tattoo exemption available to recruits, except for the Coast Guard. Additionally, for the Air Force and Space Force, waivers are granted only to those recruits who exemplify exceptional qualifications and skills. When it comes to those already in the service who want to get a tattoo that may fall outside the acceptable norms, exemptions are much less common. There are no tattoo waivers available to those already serving in the Navy, Air Force, Space Force, or Coast Guard, and the Army waiver is incredibly narrow and difficult to obtain. So you can get tattoos in the military? Yes! But each branch has different and specific rules about where you can get them. Be sure to research your branch’s rules closely and contact a recruiter or your CO to clarify any questions that may arise. No military regulation has been more closely watched—and changed more frequently—than tattoo dos and don’ts. . Last week, the Marine Corps revised its policy, allowing “sleeve” (full arm) tattooing and also allowing officers more than four tattoos visible in uniform. Both officers and enlisted men can now wear as much as they want, as long as it’s not on their face or neck. And the hands can only wear a finger ring tattoo. The reason for the change is simple: recruitment and retention. Almost half of young adults have tattoos, and many have several. The new “Marine Corps Bulletin 1020” emphasizes the balance between decorum and practicality: “The American people expect Marines to be disciplined, physically fit and ready for any mission. They also expect Marines to represent the nation they have sworn to protect.”

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The new policy, the bulletin continues, “ensures that the Marine Corps maintains its ties to the society it represents and removes all barriers to entry for members of society who wish to join its ranks.”

With the new Marine Corps policy, the service branches’ regulations on tattoos are now nearly identical. If you’re curious about these rules (and the slight variations between them), here’s a full, up-to-date guide:

Neck: The Navy is the only branch that allows a single tattoo on the neck. A neck tattoo is allowed, no larger than 1 inch in diameter.

Tough Tattoo Regs Sink Stellar Marine’s Career

The Marine Corps goes so far as to specify: “the neck is defined as the part of the body above the collarbone in the frontal area, above the seventh cervical vertebra (C7) in the posterior area.”

The Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps allow finger ring tattoos, one per hand. The Marine Corps specifies that the ring finger tattoo cannot exceed 3/8 inch in width. The Coast Guard specifies that finger ring tattoos cannot exceed the length of the finger from the first to the second knuckle.

The Coast Guard is the only branch of service that allows the tattoo of another hand. This second type is allowed between the wrist and the first knuckle, as long as it is not larger than 1 inch in diameter.

Previously, the service branches prohibited tattoos that exceeded 25% of the parts of the body they decorated. There were also bans on tattoos below the knees or ankles and separate policies for officers and enlisted men.

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Right To Bare Arms: Marine Corps New Tattoo Policy

When it comes to the content of tattoos, however, the military has detailed longstanding prohibitions. Simply put, service members cannot wear tattoos that are:

Each branch specifies these prohibitions a little differently. The Coast Guard, for example, prohibits expressions

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