What Is The Top Of A Military Flag Pole Called

What Is The Top Of A Military Flag Pole Called – The United States Joint Service Color Guard parades at Fort Myer, Virginia in October 2001. This joint color guard shows the organizational colors of each branch (left to right): National, US Army, Marine Corps of the United States, the United States Navy, the United States Air Force, and the United States Coast Guard.

The various branches of the United States Armed Forces are flagged. Within the United States military, various flags are flown at various times and at various ships, bases, camps, and military academies.

What Is The Top Of A Military Flag Pole Called

In general, the order of precedence (viewer’s left to right) in which flags are displayed together in a military context is to display the national flag of the United States (also known as the “colors” or “national colors”), followed by the flags of the United States. United States Army, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Space Force, and United States Coast Guard.

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If the United States Coast Guard is transferred to the Department of the Navy, the flag of the United States Coast Guard would precede the flag of the United States Air Force.

All seagoing vessels and naval warships belonging to the United States (with some exceptions such as US Coast Guard vessels) carry the United States ensign, which is identical to the US national flag (although it was originally a design similar to the Great Union Flag). All documented US vessels and all US vessels in international or foreign waters must display this sign between 0800 and sunset. Instead, US Coast Guard vessels display a unique sign as a demonstration of their authority to stop, board, search, and make arrests and seizures aboard vessels subject to US jurisdiction. Historically, the displayed sign changed when the US flag changed. Similarly, Continental Navy vessels flew many varied signals due to a vague standard established by the Continental Congress, leaving the arrangement of the stars and stripe pattern to the commander’s interpretations.

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Ships from the United States Navy, Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration display the USA cat from the baton.

The First Navy Jack was originally shown, a design containing the thirteen red and white stripes; while some maintain that it was surmounted by an uncoiled rattlesnake and the motto “Dont tread on me” [sic], reminiscent of the flag of Gadsd. It was later changed to a blue canton with white stars, the “Union Jack,” and updated as each state passed through the Union. However, all warships have been directed to fly the First Navy Jack, including the disputed rattlesnake and motto, since the duration of the War on Terror in 2002.

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On February 21, 2019, the Chief of Naval Operations ordered that US Navy warships return to flying the American Cat beginning June 4, 2019.

A Commissioner’s Pants or Masthead protrudes from the mast and represents the commission of the ship’s captain (and therefore the ship itself). In addition, a pair of Church pants may be worn during religious services. This trouser, white with a blue cross (or blue tabs and Star of David for Jewish services), is the only flag authorized to fly over the national ensign, and only at sea. In addition, hospital ships display the Red Cross.

Ships and land units can also fly burgs that display unit citations. Flags can also be used for signage.

Officers with certain positions or tickets, as well as all generals and admirals, are assigned a personal flag to repress their authority and/or command.

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Hence they are often referred to as “flag officers”. Ashore, the flags are usually displayed within the owner’s office or flown on a secondary flag near the unit’s colors, while if the officer has embarked, they are flown aboard the ship according to their rank. Appearance consists of a number of stars equal to the officer’s rank insignia, colors determined by service: red with white stars for Army and Marine Corps, blue with white stars for Navy and Air Force commanders. Some staff members and non-line officers have unique colors: white with blue stars for non-commanding Navy admirals,

), Vice President, Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Undersecretaries of Defense and Undersecretaries of Defense,

Each of the Secretaries of the Military Departments (Secretary of the Army, Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Air Force), Under Secretaries of the Military Departments (Secretary of the Army, Under Secretary of the Navy, Under Secretary of the Air Force). Force), and Undersecretaries of the Military Departments (Undersecretary of the Army, Undersecretary of the Navy, Undersecretary of the Air Force), the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chief of the Military Services (Chief of Army Chief of Staff, Commandant of the Marine Corps, Chief of Naval Operations, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Chief of Space Operations and Commander). of the Coast Guard). An admiral, acting commodore, or convoy commodore aboard a ship may fly a flag from its flagship.

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In addition, the Navy will display the flag of the Secretary of State where the Secretary is embarked as a representative of the United States. Other diplomatic personnel also receive a consular flag when they embark. The Coast Guard, being part of the Department of Homeland Security, will use the Secretary’s flag similar to how the Navy will use the SecDef’s flag.

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Not having an official design until 1777, numerous different flags were carried into battle by American forces. Then the vague wording of the Flag Resolution of 1777 led to many designs. The American flag holds great importance in military culture. Even more than a symbol of freedom and patriotic ideals, its mere presence is a marker of territory, a symbol of resistance and a proclamation of victory. Alternatively, the lowering of the flag or its capture means mourning and defeat. And so it is not surprising that the flag, and even the pole on which it flies, has become the subject of military tradition.

Have you ever looked at the top of a flagpole and wondered what was inside that golden ball? Well, according to stories passed down by the military, there are very specific items hidden inside those glowing pole spheres.

The exact elements vary, depending on the telling of the tale, but the basis of the legend is always the same: a real-life capture-the-flag scenario, in which the military base is overrun by enemy forces. To protect the sacred Starts & Stripes from falling into the wrong hands, a brave soldier must use the items hidden inside the golden ball atop the flagpole to defend Old Glory to the death or provide her with a proper burial.

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The most popular items claimed to be stored inside the golden ball are a razor blade, a match, and a bullet. The razor should be used to cut the flag from the halyard, or tear it into strips. The match is to burn the flag, the most dignified way to destroy it, according to Title 4, Section 8k of the United States Flag Code. And the bullet must be used as a final attempt to defend the flag or to help the soldier end his own life.

Other variations include a penny to blind the enemy or, perhaps more symbolically, to ensure that the United States never goes bankrupt. Some versions include a grain of rice or wheat to be used to give the soldier strength or to rebuild food supplies in case of victory. For those curious about the usefulness of a bullet without a gun, some stories include details of a gun buried at the base of the flagpole or about 50 paces away. We even hear of a needle and thread hidden inside the finish to repair a damaged flag before the triumph.

The uninspiring truth is that there is nothing hidden inside those golden balls. Well, at least we don’t run out of antlers we have on our site. Commonly known as “trucks” in military circles, the finial is mounted on flagpoles to keep out rainwater and serve as an ornament. Balls are the most practical choice for flagpoles as they won’t catch and tear the flag if it blows up and over the pole, but gold eagle finials can also be used for a more traditional look.

Truth be told, we still think the legend has merit. After all, it reinforces the symbolic importance of the American flag and a soldier’s devotion to duty.

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